A Kick Ass Girl Rockumentary

“My Way” is a hilarious chronicle of the band’s adventures, as we roadtripped all the way from Kittanning, Pennsylvania across America to Los Angeles, California, to make our first music video!

The film is chalked full of twists and turns and entertaining episodes in each town that we stopped in. There are live impromptu performances, hilarious encounters with the locals, and escapades so perilous that it’s a wonder we made it to L.A. in one piece.

The music of our first record “My Way” makes the soundtrack for the movie. “The concept that we came up with was to tell our story through our songs, ” explains Rebekah, “The lyrics of the songs as I originally wrote them take on new meanings as we travel and encounter new situations. And its crazy, but each song somehow finds a way to fit a new situation, just the same as it fit an old one. It’s the magic of music!”

As soon as the documentary is complete, the band plans to submit it for competition amid the international film festival circuit. Currently the documentary is in its final editing stages with film directing team, Vinny Sisson and Dominique Mollee of http://nine22ideas.com/ film editing company in Los Angeles. The expected date of completion is August 2012.

The band plans to structure its tour plans to accommodate travel to whichever festivals accept the film for competition. “We plan to find a cool bar and play a gig in every festival town that shows our film. What better way to meet lots of new people and have a blast?” says Annika, “I’m always ready for a party!”


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The Rebekah Starr Band, recorded their debut album, “Rockstar Girl!” last year and has been steadily promoting it on the road ever since, even opening for rock superstar, Bret Michaels. Landing themselves in Los Angeles last Spring, the lovely ladies have been paying their rock’n roll dues on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, performing live shows at The Cat Club and other Hollywood clubs and touring North America as supporting act for Adler’s Appetite on their Good to Be Alive summer 2011 tour.

The Rebekah Starr Band’s first charting single, “Pretty Playthings,” which broke 100 on the active rock chart in August 2011, is driving the girls up the charts and onto radio across the country. Not to mention, the girls of the Rebekah Starr Band have made two high-fashion music videos that visually showcase the band’s raw sexiness and talent. Their second video, released on itunes, youtube and fusetv Spring 2011, features a hilarious celebrity cameo appearance by screen legend Ron Jeremy.

Also expecting to make a big splash in reality documentary realm, is a soon-to-be-released documentary film that the band filmed of their tour across America to Los Angeles, California to make it big! The movie features a variety of celebrity cameo interviews, among them, Rikki Rockett of Poison, Steven Adler of Guns and Roses, and reality-TV legend Ron Jeremy. The film is chalked full of twists and turns and perilous episodes across the country, and is sure to be a hit competing in the international film festival circuit fall of 2011.

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